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Our residential alcohol and drug addiction rehab offers individuals a period of treatment in which they reside on-site for the duration of the program. This allows residents to benefit from a highly individualized addiction therapy services with continuous monitoring and quality care by our compassionate team of detox and treatment experts, experienced clinicians, and physicians. We consider residents’ needs at all stages of recovery—from detox to aftercare planning—to ensure that all of your needs are met to help promote long-term recovery.

Option 1

Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient treatment is when our team assesses an individual’s core issues, identifying what underlying issues have contributed to their behavior, as well as what remaining support structures they need to succeed. At Turning Tides Treatment Center, we look at the whole person, not just the addiction itself.

While in our residential alcohol and drug rehab, residents will receive continuous care and be monitored through each step of the rehabilitation process, ensuring their safety at all times. With a maximum of only six residents in treatment at a time, each individual will have plenty of personal space and privacy while still being able to socialize and bond with other residents in treatment.

During this phase of treatment, patients receive more intensive individual and group counseling sessions and treatment modalities that set the foundation for healthier belief systems. A multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals will determine each patient’s treatment plan and level of care. We have extensive experience working with individuals who have struggled to break free from the chains of addiction time and time again. With our comprehensive programs and therapeutic solutions, we have seen a recovery success rate that we are proud of.

Option 2


A dual diagnosis isn’t always easy to determine. The symptoms of substance abuse often mimic those of mental disorders and figuring where one issue stops and another begins can be challenging. Nevertheless, addressing co-occurring conditions is necessary for long-term recovery. Turning Tides Treatment Center is aware many people seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction also have co-occurring mental health issues. In recognizing this need, our licensed clinicians can tell the difference between the symptoms of substance abuse and the symptoms of mental disorders. They’re then able to create an effective, evidence-based treatment plan which addresses both issues at the same time. We recognize dual diagnosis is more than treating substances. By addressing underlying mental health issues along with the pattern of substance abuse, we’re able to provide the best chance at a lasting recovery.

Option 3

Medication-Assisted Treatment:

MAT (medication-assisted treatment) is a safe, effective way to help people achieve sustained recovery by using prescription medications. MAT medications are administered in a controlled, clinical setting and, with MAT, people replace the negative aspects of illicit drug use with the positive experiences of rehabilitation. MAT has been extremely effective in several ways, most commonly providing easier management of severe withdrawal symptoms and significantly reducing cravings. MAT is then accompanied by an in-depth treatment plan aimed at addressing the roots of one’s addiction. Ultimately, medication-assisted treatment allows recovering people to work on their personal growth while being free of other distractions, cravings, withdrawal symptoms, or other risks.

Option 4

Medical Detox

The first step in treatment is called detox or detoxification. When a person’s body has become physically dependent on drugs or alcohol, medical intervention becomes necessary. If proper medical care is not provided at the time of detoxification, withdrawal from certain substances, like alcohol and benzodiazepines, is extremely dangerous. Our detox center assists people in cleansing their bodies of intoxicants as comfortably and safely as possible. Getting through detox then allows a patient to explore underlying issues.

Patients begin treatment at our detox program. During this time, there is a thorough assessment of a patient’s health by our medical and clinical teams to create a tailored regime for the detoxification process. While at this higher level of care, patients receive additional attention and supervision by the nursing and treatment team, especially during drug withdrawal. Groups and programming are available during the day; clients are encouraged to participate, but it is not required at this time. 

Option 5

EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy in Orange County is a therapy many healthcare professionals use to treat addiction. It’s a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that assists people with changing the way they think and respond to addictive behavior triggers.

While traditional psychotherapy methods employ a combination of medications and talk therapy to help people, EMDR uses the person’s eye movements to desensitize and assist them in reprocessing the emotional stress linked with a traumatic experience or event. Now, EMDR is frequently being used in various therapeutic settings, including being integrated into the treatment approach for certain people with addiction and co-occurring mental illness or trauma.

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