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Clincally Reviewed by: Matthew Beck

Turning Tides is a treatment center in Irvine, Orange County providing individualized care plans and numerous services to those who are struggling with substance abuse. The first step for anyone entering treatment is undergoing a detoxification process. Any detoxification our residents at our medical detox facility in Irvine receive will help to eliminate chemicals and toxins from their system in a safe and comfortable setting.

What is a Medical Detox?

Medical detox refers to the process patients must experience to rid their bodies of the harmful chemicals and toxins they have taken from using drugs and alcohol. A person who has become reliant on these substances needs to eliminate as much of the effects they have caused in their bodies and on their minds. 

This is performed in a treatment or medical facility and is not the same as the at-home “detox” and “cleanse” solutions that are heavily marketed. The goal is to address withdrawal symptoms in a safe setting.

Qualified professionals will watch over a detox patient 24/7 to ensure symptoms are not becoming too painful or unmanageable. Withdrawing from certain drugs, such as benzodiazepines and alcohol, can be dangerous. Having a professional watch over the patient experiencing these symptoms can make sure help is received quickly should further intervention be required. 

How Long Does the Process Take?

The length of time for detox Irvine patients experience always varies. It depends on the following:

Some may only require 12-24 hours to get through a detox, while others may need several days or even weeks before the worse symptoms are over. In some cases, it can take a day or two from the last known time of ingestion or injection of the drug before withdrawal symptoms even begin.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

There are many common withdrawal symptoms. The type each patient experiences also depends on several factors, such as the length of time the drug was in their system and the type of drug it was. The most common symptoms include:

The worst symptoms include hallucinations, seizures, and even death, which is why it is so highly recommended to only attempt the detox process in a medical facility. Professionals are always watching and ready to step in.

Drugs Our Medical Detox Helps With

Our medical detox assists with numerous drug types. Whether it’s an opiate detox Irvine residents require or an Ativan detox Irvine residents need, the process helps everyone. Alcohol, complex substances like cocaine, and even prescription drugs can be eliminated from a person’s system with the help of a medical detox.

Four out of five prescriptions filled by a pharmacy are opioids, so it’s no wonder that prescription drugs are becoming a more and more likely culprit of addiction. Opioids include drugs such as Vicodin, oxycodone, methadone, and morphine. However, there are also synthetic opioids like Fentanyl, and illegal opioids, like Heroin. 

Each of these is highly dangerous, especially when taken over long periods. However, they can be treated by starting with a medical detox at Turning Tides. 

One of the most troubling detox processes involves alcohol. Long-time alcohol users may experience extreme irritability, tremors, and seizures. Alcohol addiction is one of the most common because it is so readily available. 

Benefits of a Medical Detox in Irvine, California

A Southern California detox helps in many ways. First, a trained professional monitors the person going through a medical detox process. The most significant benefit to this is that should something go wrong there is help nearby to administer life-saving measures. 

The patient may also receive access to medication that can ease symptoms. This is also administered by a professional, so it will not be able to be abused. 

Another benefit is the calm, quiet space provided. Many people attempt to detox at home on their own but are unsuccessful because they are not in the right environment. Detoxing can be pretty disorienting, and attempting this process in a loud, busy place can make it even tougher to manage. 

There is also access to mental health treatment. Patients are not expected to receive counseling while they are going through their detox process, but it is a provided service in case it is needed. 

One of the biggest benefits is that people going through a medical detox in a treatment facility also have access to further treatment options. Medical detox will only be the first step, while additional techniques are needed to handle a life of addiction recovery. Going through this process alone at home does not provide any management techniques or methods for avoiding triggers. Having many options at a person’s disposal is vital in making a recovery last.

What to Expect at Turning Tides

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution at Turning Tides. Instead, the people who utilize our treatment facility receive a personalized approach to ensure every individual acquires the care and tools they need to thrive in this environment and in the real world. Whether a person prefers to use the 12-step program or needs a non-12-step process, we are here to ensure success no matter which plan is utilized. 

While medical detox is the first step in facing addiction issues, it is not the only step. Turning Tides provides many services and a variety of professionals to ensure the right course of action for each person. Anyone coming through our doors is encouraged to undergo counseling, participate in holistic activities, and learn management techniques that can be applied when faced with triggers.

Find Wellness at Turning Tides in Irvine

Turning Tides Treatment Center is here to help anyone struggling with addiction. The goal is to offer effective treatment using an evidence-based approach and medical detoxification. We strive to help anyone who walks through our doors achieve long-term recovery. 

We offer addiction treatment options that are reviewed by medical professionals. Our detox facility is the first step in the treatment process for substance use disorders. We offer comfortable amenities and support at our detox center.

Contact us today to set up a consultation and get started on finding wellness again. 

Clinically Reviewed by:

Clinical Supervisor

Matthew is a licensed marriage and family therapist and clinical supervisor in Orange County, California. Matthew has an extensive history working with the substance abuse and mental health population and is committed to client care with an ethical approach to treatment. Matthew utilizes a solution-focused, cognitive behavioral approach to therapy. He emphasizes the importance of creating a recovery environment which supports deep and meaningful sober connection, a system of accountability, daily structure and healthy routine, and an aftercare plan which will support continued sobriety post-treatment. 

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