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Our addiction treatment team and mental health professionals, along with our holistic healing professionals, are accustomed to treating the real issues you may be plagued with, not just your symptoms. You will find each of our addiction treatment programs to be completely customized for your exact needs. While you are healing, your needs will be cared for by trusted and compassionate professionals who are intent on seeing you achieve a state of well-being.

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What We Offer
Drug Addiction
We customize our drug addiction treatment programs to your needs to ensure individualized care and evidence-based treatment for recovery.
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RX Addiction
Ensuring your safety and comfort, our RX drug addiction treatment program takes a holistic, integrated approach to recovery.
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Co-Occurring Disorders
Specialized treatment for co-occuring mental health conditions addresses any underlying issues related to addiction.
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Alcohol Addiction
Our alcohol addiction treatment addresses your specific needs for detox and rehab, focusing on healing and relapse prevention to maintain long-term sobriety.
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Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient treatment is the most intensive level of treatment, offering 24-hour care in our treatment facility. This treatment option is best for those with severe addiction and mental health issues, who need constant monitoring for the sake of their own safety and well-being.
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Sometimes referred to as co-occurring disorders, effective treatment of a Dual Diagnosis involves considering both your addiction and your mental illness as you go through the recovery process.
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Medication-Assisted Treatment:

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is more prevalent in alcoholics and opioid addicts. These medicines can help with withdrawal symptoms in detox and help suppress cravings throughout rehabilitation. They are extremely useful in relapse prevention and helping those with severe addictions.
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Medical Detox

Detox, short for detoxification, is the period during which the body of someone beginning addiction treatment is cleansed of chemical substances and toxins, returning to a state of physical health. Medical detoxification addresses the physical withdrawal symptoms of substance use through individualized interventions and 24/7 monitoring by qualified professionals.
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EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy in Orange County is a therapy many healthcare professionals use to treat addiction. It’s a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that assists people with changing the way they think and respond to addictive behavior triggers.
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) is a type of psychological treatment that can help manage challenges, such as addictions and depression, by altering your thought process and behavior.
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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy accepts that past or future events, like relapses, are part of the recovery process. Rather than punishing or judging themselves for mistakes, DBT emphasizes resilience and commitment to recovery.
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Group Therapy

Group therapy has long been recognized as a valuable tool in the recovery process for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Through the power of shared experiences, building a support network, and gaining valuable skills, group therapy offers a unique and effective approach to overcoming addiction.
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Family Therapy

Family therapy is a powerful tool in the treatment of alcohol addiction and drug addiction. It recognizes that substance abuse affects not only the individual struggling with addiction, but also their entire family system. By involving the family in the recovery process, family therapy aims to improve communication, address conflicts, and rebuild trust.
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Couple Therapy

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction can have a devastating impact not only on individuals but also on their relationships. When one or both partners struggle with addiction, it can create significant strain and dysfunction within the relationship. However, there is hope. Couple therapy for addiction offers a unique and effective approach in helping couples navigate the challenges of addiction and recovery together.
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